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Paul & Vince would like to welcome to the conversation Erika Kaplan of Three Day Rule matchmaking company.
…I also like to check my messages early because I like to know how people’s dates the previous night went. And remember, after each date, we get feedback from both parties. So, if I send you on a date, the next day, I’m hearing from both you and your date about how it went.

Paul & Vince would like to welcome Erika Kaplan, matchmaker and Vice President of Membership at Three Day Rule, a personalized matchmaking company that helps discerning singles find meaningful relationships. Erika began her career in publishing and public relations, working for Rolling Stone, Us Weekly, and Men’s Journal. She joined Three Day Rule almost a decade ago to feed her passion for connecting people. Over her long tenure, Erika’s clients have said that her intuition, transparency, and expertise have resulted in remarkable personal growth for them. Erika gets to the “heart of the matter” and helps clients strategize around what they are really looking for and how to find it successfully.


Paul & Vince: How did you come to be in New York City in your current career?

Erika: I am originally from Long Island and went to Penn State for undergrad. As soon as I graduated, I landed a job at Rolling Stone Magazine, and so my boyfriend at the time – now my husband – we scraped together our measly salaries and moved into a really tiny one-bedroom on 34th and Park. But after a few years, I realized that I did not like to sit behind a desk. I didn’t feel connected to the greater world or community.

Paul & Vince: And what year was this all happening?

Erika: This was in 2013. And at the time, a colleague from Rolling Stone was single. And I would tell her, “You’re amazing; you need to meet someone…” When she left Rolling Stone and later connected with my (now partner and founder of Three Day Rule), Talia Goldstein, she called me out of the blue one day and said, “I know this is crazy, but I met a matchmaker. She is looking to get a New York City office up and running, and they’re looking for someone who knows New York City.” So I interviewed, and it was, a truly, an organic fit.


Paul & Vince: Interesting. So tell us, what does your typical day look like?

Erika:Well, I start really early, because I have three-year-old twins at home. I also like to check my messages early because I like to know how people’s dates the previous night went. And remember, after each date, we get feedback from both parties. So, if I send you on a date, the next day, I’m hearing from both you and your date about how it went.

Then as the day goes on, I’m fielding potential client inquiries. This is a very crucial part of our success, and our reputation is making sure we’re taking on clients who have expectations and a search criteria that we feel confident we can deliver on. And then there’s a lot of reaching out to potential matches, telling my client about a potential match, who they will meet, and why. And then, there are always evening events where we can get out and meet more professionals.

Paul & Vince: So, you’re talking to a lot of people every day?

Erika: Absolutely…I talk to about five single people a day… so that’s over 100 every month. And it’s my job to get to really get to know them. We work transparently with them, but that’s where a lot of coaching comes in, too.


Paul & Vince: So your team is looking for professionals who are looking for a very different experience than an everyday dating app, right?

Erika: Absolutely. Our service is actually quite different from dating apps, which are geared towards lots of first dates…but not really anything else after that. Of course, plenty of people have all the best intentions on these apps; it’s just that you never know what you’re going to get. The water is very muddy. When we put a client in touch with a potential match, they feel much more confident since they know we have already looked out for their values and goals.


Paul & Vince: Interesting. So, when you’re not out scouting for potential matches for your clients, what are your favorite things to do in New York?

Erika: Let’s see…my ideal day off is a hot yoga or a barre class, followed closely by an iced oat milk latte from Ralphs on Fifth. [Laughs]. Actually, when my husband and have our own date night, we might go to some cozy restaurant downtown, like Piccolo Angolo. And then, of course, we get Broadway tickets on a whim, sometimes maybe three hours before a show, and we make a night of it. Honestly, where else in the world can you do that? I love that about New York!

…and one more, Just For Fun

Paul & Vince: And now it’s time for our Just For Fun question. If you could go on vacation with three celebrities, who would they be, and where would you go?

Erika: Wow! Well, I just watched the Oprah and Michelle Obama roundtable on Netflix, and I am completely amazed and in awe of both of them…I’m very into “girl power”, especially since we are a female-led company…How about both of them and then Mrs. Maisel for some comic relief! [Laughs] Could she come?

Paul & Vince: Perfect! So, Oprah’s picking you up in her private jet, and Mrs. Maisel and Michelle Obama are already on board. Where would you all be flying?

Erika: I mean, let’s just say it: we’re going to Maui, right? [Laughs]

Paul & Vince: Oh, of course…and Oprah owns some land in Hana, Maui, so that makes sense. Hmmm…I think maybe we could set this up in real life for you.

Erika: If you can get me Oprah, put me in touch. I hear she’s single! [Laughs]

Original artwork by Jolisa Robinson, Gavriani-Falcone Team Marketing

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